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Expect Locally Sourced Ingredients at Unseen Creatures Brewing

June, 25th 2021

Named after their emphasis on locally sourced yeast and bacteria (alongside other local ingredients), Unseen Creatures Brewing aims to showcase all that makes up Miami in each sip of their balanced beers. Reviewers agree, with great enthusiasm, that they succeed in this endeavor. Yelper Julio H. remarks on their “very impressive beer,” and, of more importance to Julio and many other customers, unique selections. That same review later adds, “If you appreciate flavor, you must come here.” 

Truly, nothing brings Miami flair to a drink (or to anything, for that matter) more than a strong dose of flavor—Little Cuba is nothing if not bold. That clearly works in their favor at Unseen Creatures—one customer goes so far as to point out, “even though I’m not a beer fan I loved my experience here.” 

Browse the nearby shops, grab a bite to eat, and sit down for a drink that screams with Miami flavor. Beer lovers will be impressed by this creative new take on local ingredients, while even those who aren’t so fond of beer as a rule will find themselves enjoying their drink.