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Tomorrowland Is a New Miami Hotspot Near CORE

July, 28th 2021

Visit Tomorrowland today and indulge in an environment full of family, food, and fun. Not only is this newly opened hotspot perfect for a night out with friends, the food and drinks are always on par as well. You can enjoy delicious offerings like garlic green beans, truffle mac and cheese, or shrimp tacos for starters and then move on to the best part: the drinks! With cocktails like the Spicy Nikki (a tequila cocktail infused with pineapple, jalapeno-mango puree, fresh lime, and agave nectar) and the very popular Duke and Dame Did Us Dirty (a traditional whiskey sour with a caramel flavor), you are bound to find something that piques your palate.

We also encourage you to bring some friends when visiting Tomorrowland because this place is a lot of fun and always keeps its customers chatting it up with old friends while also making new ones! We promise a night at Tomorrowland will be a night you won’t soon forget.