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Every Day Is Taco Tuesday at El Primo Red Tacos

July, 30th 2021

One can never have too many go-to taco spots, and we’re in luck because there is a newcomer in town! Let’s welcome the new pop-up at PEZ, El Primo Red Tacos, by spending next Taco Tuesday ordering from them, what do you say? This PEZ pop-up is serving up birria-style dishes in a cute outdoor garden patio area and the PEZ restaurant. Birria is slow-cooked beef that’s perfectly marinated and ultra tender. They then use the broth to dip, which is where the name “red tacos” comes from because the broth leaves a red color on the tacos when dipped. 

The birria at El Primo Red Tacos is made with over 15 different ingredients and spices and takes over 12 hours to make – and you know the proverb, “good things come to those who wait”, right? That’s what you’re going to get with the birria at this unique spot. They serve up the birria in tacos which is a traditional take, then they also serve it up in other tasty ways too. Try the birria ramen or quesadilla if you want something a little different! Pair it with a Tecate, and you have a super traditional, delicious Mexican meal.