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Savor Authentic Lebanese Fare at Delights of Beirut, Now Open Near CORE

December, 22nd 2021

“Unbelievably authentic!” “Highly recommend!” “A must-try in south Florida.” Although Delights of Beirut only recently opened its doors, the rave reviews are already rolling in. The customers almost unanimously agree that this new spot delivers the highest quality Lebanese cuisine you can find anywhere in the area, enlisting fresh ingredients and simple recipes to accomplish this goal.

Start your meal with one of those simple-and-savory dishes like the hummus topped with chunks of fresh steak and served with pita for dipping or the grape leaves stuffed with perfectly seared meat and rice. Complement the starter with a Lebanese salad or some classic tabouli. Then for the main course, choose between a specialty sandwich, skewers still hot from the grill, or a larger entree. The sandwiches come stuffed with everything from falafel or beef kofta to spicy Sujuk sausage or chicken liver. The skewers come loaded with beef shawarma, lamb chops, or chicken shawarma. If you’re looking for something even more unique, savor an entree such as the mujadara, Lebanese lentils with caramelized onions and rice, or the kibbe, baked patties of beef, bulgur wheat, and herbs and spices.