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OH MY GOSH! Brigadeiros Have Sweets for Your Sweetheart!

February, 07th 2022

Sweets, sweets, and more sweets at OH MY GOSH! Brigadeiros! They sell cakes, ice cream, Brigadeiros, coffee and hot cocoa, and more. Their current top 5 products are OMG cake, brownie cake, gift box of 16 Brigadeiros, Tray of 24 Brigadeiros, and a box of 60 Brigadeiros. And a few of the Brigadeiros flavors to select from include churros, coconut, Nutella, rainbow, traditional, and cookies & cream. 

As you stand inside the shop choosing which treat to get, take in an ambiance of pink-colored walls and a brown-colored ceiling, along with pink, white, and brown-colored tables and chairs. And you’ll see cute, fun sayings on the walls like the one towards the front that says, “need a little sweetness in your life” with an arrow pointing towards the word “Brigadeiro.” 

It’s an upbeat, relaxed setting and the perfect spot in town to take your partner out on a date to devour a brownie cake or perhaps traditional Brigadeiros for Valentine’s Day. If you rather enjoy a gourmet treat from the comforts of home, you’re welcome to place an order for delivery instead.